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ECI FAQs - France Group Programs

What is it like living in a French dorm?

We are extremely fortunate to be able to have our students stay at the Parc Imperial residence in Nice. It is in a great location—very central, close to the beach, and within an easy, short walk to all that the heart of town has to offer.

One benefit of living in a student residence is that, as well as being so conveniently located, you also get to share your experience with your new found friends on the trip. You will usually be placed three or four to a room, and receive all or the majority of your meals in the dining hall at the dorm. There are laundry facilities and communal areas.

How are the French classes organized?

Classes are Monday through Friday mornings for 3 hours. You will be in a small group of up to 15 students, appropriate for your level, and the emphasis is on spoken French, with lots of opportunity for grammar review and consolidation.

The goal is to prepare you for your Individual Immersion Week, where you will speak only French.

What is the Individual Immersion Week?

We are the only organization offering this component—a fantastic way to accelerate your French language learning. After two weeks in Nice you will spend one week with a volunteer family in the small town of Hyères, on the French Riviera, speaking only French.

No classes, no group activities—just total immersion in French family life. This is not available through any other organization in this form.

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