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ECI FAQs - Chaperone Team

How are ECI’s programs chaperoned?

Each group has up to three full-time ECI chaperones. Usually, two are from the US and one is from the country in which the program is based. At least one US chaperone will travel round trip with the groups from the US.

The main US Leader will have a cell phone with him/her at all times. You and your parents will be sent this number prior to departure. You will also be given an Emergency Card with the US Leader’s and Local Leader’s cell phone numbers.

How are the chaperones chosen?

Our chaperones are selected on the basis of language ability, maturity, patience, judgment, enthusiasm and their ability to earn the respect and trust of our teenage participants. Most of them are teachers who have traveled abroad extensively.

Our chaperones supervise students as closely as possible, but in no way are they able to be with you 24 hours per day. In fact, one of the goals of our programs is to help you develop independence, problem-solving skills, maturity and self-reliance.

Will the chaperones always speak to me in the target language?

Most of time they will. They have been trained to always initiate conversations in French or Spanish, with some exceptions. Our chaperones from the US who fly with you to Europe will usually be high school language teachers and therefore completely fluent in the target language. They will also be equipped with the necessary skills to encourage you to speak French or Spanish wherever possible.

Our Local Leaders are always native speakers and are told that they should not speak English with you. We can of course only provide you with the opportunity to speak in the target language—it is up to you to make the most of that opportunity to speak French or Spanish with all your leaders as much as possible, including your US chaperones.

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