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ECI FAQs - Classes

Will my language skills improve?

Absolutely! Spending time in another country, living with a local family and taking language classes all contribute to a remarkable increase in language skills.

ECI’s programs are designed to provide as much opportunity as possible to speak and interact in the target language. In order to truly benefit from the experience, you also need to make a personal commitment to speak in the target language as often as possible.

 Are there students from other countries in the language classes?

Yes, there are usually international students from Europe and Asia in the language classes.

How much homework is required? Are there tests?

Most programs have an average of 30 minutes per night of homework. Students enrolled in university credit will be required to do some additional work. Specific details of these extra requirements will be given to you prior to the time you must make your decision to enroll for the credit (usually in the spring).

How are classes organized in Nerja?

Escuela de Idiomas, an idyllic place to study Spanish, is located right in the heart of the Mediterranean town of Nerja. Although its architecture is historic and grand, with a beautiful courtyard garden for outdoor classes, the school itself is modern with outstanding facilities.

You will be taught in a small class appropriate to your level, with students from a range of countries, including Germany and Holland. The emphasis in your classes will be on improving your spoken Spanish ability through conversation and games.

There will also be lots of opportunities for grammar review and consolidation with your excellent teachers.

Have a question?

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