Student and parent comments about our immersion programs

ECI student being interviewed in Spain

Feedback helps us improve

After every program we ask our students for feedback – this helps us to continually improve.

We’d like to share with you some comments from students and parents about their experience with ECI.

France Immersion

ECI Student Tierney RiordanI am really happy I participated. It has improved my French, I lived with a great family and I have had a lot of new experiences. A program like this really makes you see the differences between your own country and the one you are currently experiencing. We were always doing things with her friends but I never felt like I was intruding. Her family always made me feel like I belonged here.

ECI Student Sam GoffECI is very prepared and easy to work with. They pick good families and offer a nice, friendly, fun, experience. Gap is very pretty and a great place to live. The surroundings are literally awe-inspiring and the town is picturesque. I very much enjoyed my host family’s wish to make me feel as if I was another family member. My host brother gave me a terrific view of the teenage life in Gap.

ECI Student Duncan KimmelI feel that my French has definitely improved and I found that I can now think in French! At first you may be overwhelmed by being in such a different place, but just relax and the language will come naturally. Don’t force it; it just happens. I went everywhere my host brother went. I got to meet pretty much the entire extended family in only two weeks.

ECI Student Alexander FeeDue to total immersion I really did experience and begin to understand the culture. I had a great experience visiting France and I thoroughly enjoyed it. My host family was nice and helped me adapt. They took the time to include me in daily activities.

Spain Immersion

ECI Student Molly BertolaciniAfter total immersion in Spain, I feel very accustomed to Spain, and Spanish. I have a much better understanding of the specific language and customs of Southern Spain. I’m very glad I participated in the total immersion.

ECI Student Blythe LewisI felt very welcomed and involved by the host family. The family made sure I was always a part of the group and was comfortable, fed, and relaxed. I got an understanding of Spain that I wouldn’t have been able to get any other way.

ECI Student Ilana GreenbergI studied abroad in Spain because I wanted my Spanish to improve and become more fluent and I feel like I have achieved this. It’s a once in a lifetime experience. I met all of my host family’s family and friends and did the same things the family would have done if I wasn’t there.

ECI Student Ema MarterI enjoyed my host family’s willingness to teach me about their culture and the hospitality. I learned a lot about Spain and more of the language. I also made life-long friends. They introduced me to all their friends and family. They also took time to explain conversations I didn’t understand.


Studying abroad with ECI changed my daughter’s life! She made lots of friends. She learned how to deal with new situations and learned lots of French. I am very happy with the program and was impressed by how helpful ECI is with the parents.
Laura, parent France program

Our daughter had a great time, made some really good friends, learned to speak French more fluently, enjoyed her host family and seeing another part of the world. I think it also gave her a lot of self confidence to travel on her own. We know she will always remember this trip, and it will continue to benefit her into her future.
Barbara, parent France program

ECI runs an excellent program and made the whole experience, from registration to trip to home, feel easy to negotiate and carry out.
Maria, parent Spain program

Our daughter had the time of her life. She grew and matured in so many ways. She made great friends, really used her Spanish, loved the museums, and enjoyed walking through the towns taking pictures and looking at the architecture and historic sites.
Sarah, parent Spain program

My daughter loved every minute of her experience in France. She had a great experience with her family, she became more proficient in the language and learned so much about the culture. As a wonderful bonus she became great friends with her French host sister.
Suzanne, parent France program

We were very impressed with all aspects of ECI – the ease of applying and securing a spot for exactly the dates we needed, the great family match, and the attention and communication from ECI on the ground in France.
Julia, parent France program

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