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Why ECI?

Results—ECI programs deliver

ECI Programs yield results expected from language Study Abroad.

Individual host family immersion is the best and quickest way to improve your Spanish. During your stay you will speak only  Spanish. Living with a carefully chosen family, with a teen of a similar age, means you will be immersed in the language and culture!

Experience—benefiting students’ futures

22nd year of delivering life-changing summer immersion programs for individual students.

Thousands of students have gained independence, a sense of adventure, made friends for life and had their horizons widened by taking part in an ECI individual host family  immersion program. ECI programs have played a key part in students’ future careers and lives.

Which program?

  • We specialize in Immersion programs in  Spain
  • Choose an Immersion in Granada or in San Sebastian on the north coast of Spain.
  • Enjoy an Alpine Immersion experience in the Gap region of France.

Spain Programs

Individual Program: 2-6 weeks with a family in San Sebastian. You choose the dates.

Spain Immersion 2023

France Programs

Individual Program: 2-6 weeks with a family in the French Alps. You choose the dates.

France Immersion 2023

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