July 7th

What a great Thursday the girls and I had! After lunch, we boarded a bus with 20 other students and headed straight for the train station. About 25 minutes later, we were headed straight to the center of the village, Villefranche. We had an afternoon there of some quality cultural exchanges, and then, of course, some quality time spent on the beach! After returning home, the girls and I ate dinner, showered off the salt water, and headed back into Nice to watch France beat Germany 2-0 in the Eurocup!IMG_1333

July 6th

Today the girls participated in their favorite activity put on by Azurlingua yet: shopping! Wednesday, July 6th marked the first day of city wide sales, so the girls went with a handful of other excited shoppers into Nice this afternoon. With their winnings in hand, we returned to the campus for a relaxing night in! IMG_1314

July 5th

The girls profited from a free afternoon today by taking a big nap after classes were finished. After dinner, we went out into Nice with some other students from Azurlingua and passed the time talking at the beach over a cold soda. We can’t believe there’s only three days left in Nice!

July 4th

Today we were back to classes after a delicious sun soaked weekend. As a Monday treat, the girls and I decided to go grab sushi for lunch in Nice. Afterwards, we departed to the beach with other Azurlingua students to do parasailing! Wendy stayed back to nap, but I made sure to take a video of Allison flying high above the ocean! After time at the beach, we came back for dinner then left promptly afterwards to spend time with our language partner, Tiffany. We spent two hours walking around the Porte of Nice and stopping for a soda next to the pier. It was a lovely evening spent in great company! IMG_1296 IMG_1293 IMG_1278 IMG_1260

July 3rd

Today was a much appreciated Sunday Funday in Cannes! And fun it was. We arrived in Cannes by train at around 10am and promptly found ourselves exploring the festival palace. We took our time reading the signed handprints of many famous Hollywood movie stars lining the palace. We then found ourselves at the beach where we proceeded to picnic, swim, and enjoy lounging in the sun. The rest of the afternoon took us on an excursion through old Cannes, stopping to enjoy macaroons at the infamous Lauderée shop. We were brought back to Nice on a late afternoon train where we returned to the residences for a shower and a squid dinner before heading into Nice to watch France beat Iceland in the semi finals of the Euro cup!  IMG_1186 IMG_1182 IMG_1172