Wednesday July 8th

Today after classes we headed over to Parc Phoenix. It was awesome! We spent the day with tropical birds, insects and plants along with many other kinds of exotic wildlife. The peacocks were the star of the show and the bat cave made us cringe!

After dinner we went out for gelato and danced salsa and merengue in the Place Garibaldi along with a live band and hundreds of locals… everyone had a blast!


Looking forward to our trip to Ville Franche tomorrow!

Monday July 6th

Today was a hot one!!! The heat wave in Nice continues and today we were all moving a bit slow because of it. After classes we decided it time to mission to the laundromat and wash our clothes and towels. Before heading out, Mac and Kaitlin faced off on the ping pong table. After boiling at the laundromat we headed home for some much needed downtime and then dinner before returning downtown to meet with the French Language Partners, Jonathan and Clément. The kids strolled around the town with gelato and their French buddies and came to realize that hey – their French was improving!


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Sunday July 5th

Cannes!!!! Today we headed out early for a day in Cannes. We visited the Cannes theater and checked out the handprints of the stars. We strolled through the town and did a little shopping before sitting down for lunch on the beach. We relaxed on the beach for a while before returning home on the train for a quiet night in. We are all tired after a busy week and excited to get back to French classes tomorrow !!!


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Saturday July 4th

Monaco!!! Today we spent the day in Monaco and Monte Carlo, where we climbed up to the to see the Royal Prince’s Palace and the breathtaking view of Monaco and its surroundings. Before wandering through the village’s shops and sights,we stopped at a Turkish fish foot bath – even Mac was down for the experience! Afterwards we headed to the beach for a relaxing couple of hours and then back to Nice for a dinner in the old town. Tomorrow we’re off to Cannes!!!


Friday July 3rd

Today we went parasailing!!! We took advantage of our free beach day and decided to enjoy the view of Nice via parasail. Despite some nerves, everyone had a blast and we may need to repeat it next week!! We cooled down afterwards with a popsicle for a change. Off to Monaco tomorrow!!!