Individual French Immersion – day 3

Today we woke up early and drove to Toulon, where me and my host brother, Thomas, took a gondola up a mountain overlooking Toulon. The view of the city and port was spectacular. We then took a short bus ride and walked through Toulon’s market to the port. Later we joined back up with my host parents and had lunch at a restaurant by the beach. We watched the Charles De Gaulle aircraft carrier pass into the port as we ate. Later Thomas cooked dinner on the barbecue and in the evening we watched the France- Germany soccer game. Happily France won and we will be watching them again on Sunday!IMG_2277 IMG_2274 IMG_2270

Individual French Immersion – day 2

Today we had a fairly calm but interesting day. My host mother and two brothers and I went grocery shopping in the afternoon. It was very interesting to see all of the different foods and brands in France that don’t exist or are much less popular in the US. Later, my host mother and brother and I went to a nearby mountain to pick thyme plants to use as an ingredient on pizza which we will have for dinner later this week. We followed a small rocky road up to a water tank that fire fighters use to fight wildfires in the area. The tank provided a vantage point to look down over a beautiful view of Garéoult, Rocbaron, and the surrounding countryside.IMG_2261 IMG_2259 IMG_2257

Individual French Immersion – day 1

Bonjour à tous! My name is Wiley. I arrived yesterday in France where I will be staying for the next two weeks. I was met at the airport by Vivien, an ECI corespondent, and I stayed the night at her lovely house in Hyères as my host family was returning from vacation in Portugal. Today Vivien and her husband Robert showed me around Hyères and took me to visit a family living there that had hosted another American through ECI last summer. They were very friendly and let me stay at their house for several hours. Then, in the evening my host family came to pick me up and brought me to their home in Garéoult, where I am currently writing this post. So far everyone has been very friendly and eager to talk to me and help me with my french. I think that the next two week are going to be wonderful! The picture above is of me and Vivien at the Château d’Hyères, with Hyères in the background.