Dancing and Eating the Spanish Way

Fun activities in Salamanca, Spain

Hola todos,

We have been very busy here in Salamanca.  Classes are going well. On Saturday we spent the afternoon in Segovia, and saw an aqueduct built by the Romans. It was incredible to see something that old. We also saw a palace that reminded us of a real life Disneyland! Some of us went horseback riding on Monday, while the rest of us relaxed or played laser tag.

Salsa, Flamenco, and a cooking class

We have had two really fun dance classes, salsa and flamenco. There is disagreement over which one was more fun, but the consensus is that they were both a great time! We have also been to a cooking demonstration, where we got to help make gazpacho, tortilla de patatas (nothing like a mexican tortilla, more like a fluffy potato omelette) and paella. We couldn’t finish everything, there was so much food, but it was all delicious! We have enjoyed Salamanca, and are ready for our next adventure. The students are really looking forward to meeting their host families on Sunday! Hasta luego from Salamanca.


– Jeanne & Sonia, U.S. chaperones, Salamanca 1

Salamanca 1 enjoys first week in Spain

Photos from their time in Madrid and Salamanca

Hola from Spain! We are all adjusting to our life in Spain. We spent a few days in Madrid and were impressed with the art we saw at the Prado and the Reina Sophia museums. We also started to get to know everyone, and the group is really bonding!

We passed through Avila on our way to Salamanca and saw the famous walls. It was incredible to know that the wall was built during the middle ages!

First week in Salamanca

When we arrived in Salamanca, we checked into the dorm and went to explore the city. We can walk everywhere! A highlight of the trip so far has been hanging out with our local language partners for Spanish conversation. The students enjoyed practicing speaking with people close to their own age and learning about the lives of young people who call Salamanca home. We are enjoying our classes, despite some homework.

As chaperones we’re extremely busy, but we are really enjoying our time here!


– Jeanne & Sonia, U.S. chaperones, Salamanca 1