Final trip days in Berlin

We arrived in Berlin on Saturday morning. Our time here began with free time to explore—what enormous fun that was!

After lunch, we gathered together to go to the historic Potzdammer Platz, and then to Checkpoint Charlie, the very famous former border control area between East and West  Berlin. The day was rounded off with a lovely Italian group dinner and tasty dessert.

Sunday began with a three hour guided bike tour along the remains of the infamous Berlin Wall; thankfully the weather was perfect for this. We spent the afternoon taking in the many Berlin sights, – we went to museums, and walked along the Spree (local river).

For our farewell dinner we went to a traditional German restaurant, after which we climbed the dome above the Reichstag for our final farewell of Berlin and Germany. It has been a good three weeks!

Until we meet again…

Friday July 14th

Our bus left at nine o’clock from Weimar to Leipzig.

Once in Leipzig we headed for the Zoo, which was extremely large, but everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.

After some free time exploring Leipzig, and a break for lunch, the afternoon was spent at the ‘Museum der Bildenden Künste’ (museum of visual arts), which exhibited not only modern art, but also a variety across different time periods.

After some more exploring we all headed to the restaurant for a lovely group evening dinner (the best so far) to the Ratskeller.

Thursday July 13th

The day began with an early rise to travel to Buchenwald, a concentration camp memorial in East Germany— this was a moving and unique experience for the students.

After the visit, the group checked in to the hotel followed by an enjoyable afternoon of  exploring Weimar, which included a tour of the Goethe House, home to Germany’s most famous writer.

We finished off the day with and some lovely food during our evening group dinner.

Wednesday July 12th

After departing from Heidelberg, and some shedding of tears, our coach took us to Wurzburg.

The schedule was fully packed with a visit to the Residenz Palace, followed by some free time in the city, where heavy rain joined us. We then visited the Marienberg Fortress.

After some rest back at the hotel we headed out to a very traditional German Kellerbrauerei  (cellar brewery) for our evening group dinner.

Tuesday July 11th

We met up in the morning for a game of soccer.

The weather was cloudy but warm. The students formed 3 teams and the game began.

After 90 minutes the students still had energy and played badminton. After this it was free time and the students spent the last afternoon with their host families before our farewell party.

The farewell party took place in Ziegelhausen, on a hill in the woods. We had a BBQ with lots of host families and students.

Despite a few showers everyone enjoyed the get together with much laughter and chatter.