Videos: Salamanca

Salamanca, North & South

A summary of our group Immersion program based in Salamanca. Includes Madrid highlights, classes, the dorm experience and the host family Immersion Week.

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Salamanca Highlights

All the vibrancy and fun of two weeks in the program town of Salamanca. Watch our 2012 students enjoy a masterclass from a matador, a day at a ranch and a thrilling soccer match.

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Madrid Highlights

Students enjoy three days in the Spanish capital, soaking up the unique atmosphere of festival time in the city. Footage includes all the major museums and a fun night out in Madrid.

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Classes in Salamanca

Students share their thoughts on the content and quality of the classes, how they compare to classes back in the US, how much they have learned, and how much they have enjoyed them.

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San Sebastian Immersion Week

A great insight into one of the key components of our programs – the Individual Immersion Week. Students talk in depth about their Immersion experience in both English and Spanish!

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Salamanca in their own words

Watch our students share their views on all aspects of the trip, including living with a host family, Spanish food and the student dorm.

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