Visiting Frigiliana and more Nerja fun

Another busy week abroad in Southern Spain

After class today we headed up to a small village called Frigiliana, or Frigi as the locals call it, which is much easier to say. It is a small town known for its sweet wine production, olive oil, sugar cane honey, and fig cake. We arrived and wandered along the narrow streets up the hill to an overlook where we were able to look down on the ocean and on Nerja. The bus ride was only a short distance away, but I felt as if we were in a much different world. Hardly any tourists helped the experience feel extra authentic.

We then went to a specialty store where they set up a tasting for us of the fig cake, sugar cane honey, and olive oil. The man who owns the store let us know that they do all of their own production of all of their products including the sweet wine that they have. The grapes are out on the hill we can see the view from the store. Also Frigi is the only place in Europe that produces the sugar cane honey. Pretty cool.

After we tried all of the samples and had some chocolate we had some time before our bus left, so the kids sat and watched the Olympics. It’s one of the groups’ favorite things to do. Sam, Rebecca, and Olivia also helped with putting the corks in the wine bottles which they sold in the store. Rebecca and I also helped put the plastic wrap on the top of the bottle as well with what resembled an industrial hair dryer. We all had a fun visiting Frigi.

Our growing love of Tapas

I have fallen in love with tapas and so have the kids. They are so fun and easy. Bite sized meals that are so delightful. It’s really easy to eat a ton of them. Tonight, instead of dinner with their families we headed out with the language partners to do a tapas route. Basically what that means is they hit different spots to try different tapas. Patricia and I decided to do the same and actually bumped into them at the first stop which was a fish/seafood place. I was so proud of Alisha, I know that she doesn’t like seafood but said she would give it a shot. And, she actually liked it! Awesome! We didn’t see them until the end of night and they were all very talkative and energetic and said they had a great time. One of the language partners was going on vacation so she would not see the group again and they were so sad as they had so much fun with her. Well gracias, Laura!

“Are there bats in the cave?”

Asked Rebecca. “No”, I said. “Darn”, she said, “I like bats”. It is too bad I like bats too. “It’s my third favorite animal,” said Sam. I wonder what the others are?

We took a trip to the Nerja caves where we saw the largest stalactite and stalagmite structure in the world. Yes, it does hold the guiness book of world record for being the largest. The different caves were huge with thousands if not millions of tiny stalactite and stalagmite structures all around us, making it seem like we are in a Dr. Seuss book. Today there was a group of archeologists looking for fossils. I learned in the museum that it was actually inhabited by humans and clay pots, cave drawings, and other items were found here. Rebecca and I spotted a group of people with headlamps climbing behind the walls. They must have a special tour to other portions of the cave. While waiting for the bus back to Nerja, the kids had their daily dose of ice cream.


After dinner we met up for our second salsa class with Pedro. The kids did so well. Olivia said this was her favorite activity. And the kids all came up to Patricia and I and asked how they did. They did great. It was just us so no one was embarrassed about having 2 left feet, including me. The boys were spinning the girls almost out of the room and at times all I could see were skirts and dresses twirling. All smiles and lots of fun was had that night.

Play ball!

We didn’t play baseball, but after class then lunch we all met on the beach with some of the language partners for a game of beach volleyball. When we got to the beach we all realized that no one had a ball. Luckily, there are several stores around the beach where you can find all sorts of fun beach activity items. Problem averted! The sand was so hot we were all jumping around like we were walking on hot coals. We spotted a hose and wet the sand. Problem averted!

We split up into teams and started. Some knew the game, others had little knowledge but I think everyone had fun. Matt was, per usual, competitive but a team player and he was on my team so ok by me. Sam was all over the court and Patricia had to keep telling him to stay in place. There was funny banter between the teams in both English and Spanish. Some played with their head and their feet but that didn’t count. Delilah had the most ace serves of the entire game. Maura kept intending to get the ball but would then move at the last moment leaving everyone else to think she had it; including the one that was high in the air and came down on her head. She was ok but her sunglasses weren’t so lucky. Maura’s serves were good and she just wanted to be the server the entire time. Olivia’s serves got better and better as the game went on. Rebecca had an interesting style of serve, for one of her turns she stood backwards, hoping that the serve would actually go forward; didn’t work but good effort. Alisha had a good couple of headers. Zachary, I believe, would rather be swimming but had some good hits and serves.

We then played a funny game with vowels in the water with the ball. We stood in the water in a (semi-ish) circle and would hit the ball around to different people in the circle. A-E-I-O-U When it got to U the person would spike the ball to someone in the circle. If the other person missed the spike they would get splashed. If the person spikes the ball on U and the other person catches it, then the person who spiked the ball then gets the punishment. Super fun! We played another game of volleyball then the students were all in for some ice cream.

Enjoying a traditional flamenco show

Later in the evening we all met up to go for some live music. The show was great but we couldn’t get a seat inside the place-it was packed. It was flamenco music and dancing. There were 2 female singers/dancers, 1 guitar and another man on the percussion. The show was fantastic and I think the kids enjoyed it.

– Marya Kahan, US Leader

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