Two great weeks in Salamanca!

Sojourns in Salamanca

Excitement and joy filled the air today as the students celebrated finishing their two weeks of Spanish classes at Mester. A special congratulation goes out to Sarah Firth for passing the class and a very difficult exam for university credit! Our Salamanca sojourn has been filled with many adventures and it is hard to believe that we’ve already been here for two weeks! In hopes to share some of the amazing experiences we’ve had I’m going to highlight some of the main events.

Cooking Connoisseurs

The cooking class was designed to be small and intimate and therefore, we split the group in two. One group went on Tuesday and the other went on Wednesday. The students learned how to make sangria (without alcohol), gazpacho, tortilla espanola and paella. After learning how to make all of these wonderful dishes they also got to eat all of them. Emily Vokach-Brodsky a self taught wonder even found a way to make her crawfish sing “Ave Maria.” After this great experience the students should be cooking connoisseurs ready to prepare a Spanish meal for the whole family!

Our spectacular scavenger hunt

On Wednesday night the students went on an amazing race to discover the secrets of Salamanca. The group was split into two teams and they competed against each other as they ran like crazy throughout the city. Needless to say we wouldn’t let them have such an adventure without having a theme. Thus, they were given a costume contest for the night to dress up as if they were going to run with the bulls in San Fermines. The winner of the costume contest was chosen by peer votes and it went out to Diego Guerra. It was quite entertaining to watch the students in full costume run through the plaza. However, don’t think that this race was easy, the questions were hard and required a lot of interaction with the locals and finding important historical sites. One random question asked, “how many windows are there in the Plaza Mayor?”


– Kelli, U.S. chaperone, Salamanca 2

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