Why Teens Study Abroad?

From our recent video contest (see results here), we’ve been able to gain some insights into why high school students want to study abroad. Here are some common themes shared by our nine video contestants:

Expand: Many students expressed their desire to get out of their small town, bubble, or comfort zone! These students are eager to expand their horizons. As our video winner, Rya, shares, “I look forward to learning more about myself as a tourist, person, and as part of a family in Spain

Experience: These travel hungry teens also want to
experience a new culture including food, dancing, art, historic sites, and more. Bon Apetetit!

Enhance: These high school scholars also want a chance to practice their Spanish or French and to take their conversational skills to a new level.

Engage: Lastly these ambitious adolescents are also interested in connecting and engaging with new students throughout their journey! The idea of crating long-lasting friendships with someone from a different country i very appealing, which makes us proud to offer these programs and free trip opportunities!



IMG_9095 IMG_9096

These four E’s are exactly what ECI is all about!

Why do you want to study abroad?

*Photos courtesy of one of our video contestants, Kohilan!




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