Tasty creations in French cooking class

Learning about the culture hands-on in the kitchen

After a sunny afternoon at the piscine, we spent an evening at the cinéma. Our group loved the new French romantic comedy ‘Un Bonheur N’arrive Jamais Seul’ starring Gad Elmaleh and Sophie Marceau.

Students are settling into their classes which are “So awesome!” They are enjoying being able to discuss their lives and experiences in French in ever-greater detail. Michèle, one of the French teachers, took her class to the daily market so that they could practice their new vocabulary while sampling fresh fruits and vegetables.

Cooking class at L’Atelier des Chefs

We spent a wonderful evening taking a cooking class at L’Atelier des Chefs. With the help of a French chef, students prepared their own delicious meals including sea bass, prosciutto, a “salsa” of watermelon, strawberries, tomatoes and cheese (recipes to follow!). The group was divided into separate stations, and Annie and Laney worked with two lovely French women who were so impressed with their French! Luckily Parker and Stephanie were there to help me julienne apples and cantaloupes (my chopping skills are terrible). After the class we enjoyed tasting our creations and of course stopped by a creperie on the way home for dessert!

– Marion Phillips, US Leader

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