Tahoe Travels & Yosemite Adventure

Students explore the Bay Area and beyond

Tahoe travels

David and host parents traveled to the Lake Tahoe area this weekend for some fun in the snow. Located just 4 hours from here, we can usually count on snow there when there is rain here. David and Ethan, his host brother, were thinking they would be snowed in and have to miss school today; however, the host family made their way home for a very slow and careful drive home on Sunday, arriving quite late. I hope they are not sleeping during class today! Several families, including ours, are planning to go up next weekend.

Yosemite adventure

Nino and his host family traveled to Yosemite park to enjoy beautiful scenery – Yosemite is one of the best National Parks in the U.S. Visitors can camp or stay in lodges inside the park; camping during this season is for the very hardy. Luckily, Nino and his host family slept indoors, although Nino enjoyed making Snow Angels and participating in a new sport called “Snow Diving.”

By the Bay

I spoke with a few students and teachers who had visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium over the weekend – a fantastic place to see seals, otters, sea lions, and other marine life, as well as to learn about the unique ecosystems of the Northern California coast. The Aquarium was funded by a large grant from the Lucille Packard Foundation, wife of the founder of Hewlett Packard (computer maker with HQ in Palo Alto). A very generous woman, Lucile also started a children’s hospital here where children come from around the world for treatment.

In Class Now

As I write this blog, your children are in class with our children at the High School. Our children were so excited to bring them – I have had several requests to add an additional day so they can spend more time with their new “sister or brother”; however, I think the visiting students would prefer to keep it to just the two days, something about sitting in class for 8 hours is just not as exciting as going on adventures around San Francisco.

Open campuses

They were welcomed at each school before the first class and found their way to at least their first period class before the rain started again. We have open campuses here, which means they walk from building to building between classes, not inside. Normally this is wonderful as the weather is quite mild; however, today they may have been sprinkled upon during some of the class breaks. The sun is now out; however, so hopefully the rest of the day will offer some drying off time. Many students have after school activities – it is the season for lacrosse, swimming, track & field, tennis, girls’ softball, and boys’ baseball, all sports are offered at high school after school. We also have students in our group who are dancers, debaters, boy scouts, etc. and their guests will often accompany them, or they can go home and rest.

Big day tomorrow

We’ll be up early for a trip to Alcatraz, the famous former prison on a rock. Keeping with the rock theme, we’ll enjoy lunch at Hard Rock Cafe. Sun is expected tomorrow – fingers crossed!

– Jennifer Devine, Local Leader

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