Segovia and Avila Saturday Day 7

Buenos Dias!

Today we had a very early start to venture out to Segovia and Avila!

First Stop: SEGOVIA

Here we were taken on a excellent tour of the city learning about the history of the incredible aqueduct, city, and cuisine! We visited the Jewish Quarter and were lucky to have one of the tour guides sing a Jewish song for us in a gorgeous Jewish patio. (See the video below) Then we learned about the jail now converted to a library, the cathedral, and were taken inside the Alcazar! Here we were impressed with the painting of the coronation of Queen Isabella. If you notice in the photo, the people have no eyes. This is because Isabella was crowned on December 13th, the day of Saint Lucy, patron saint of the blind. The artist wanted to pay tribute to the sightless in his painting.

After we finished with some fun pictures at the Alcazar we headed back to the plaza for some lunch and then back to the bus.

Second Step: AVILA

In Avila we took a self-guided tour in and around the famous walls of the city! We also enjoyed some ice cream and downtime to relax before heading back to Salamanca!

Once we arrived we enjoyed a group dinner at the dorms and a nice chat. Afterwards, the group headed off together to the main plaza for a bit before heading back for an early night!

Tomorrow we have an international soccer game, basketball game, and a long afternoon at the pool!

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