Saturday Fun at the Bowling Alley

Austrian students enjoy their first weekend in California

Due to rain, rain, and more rain on Saturday, host families looked for fun things to do inside, or escaped the bay area. Those who chose to travel to Tahoe are enjoying tons of powdery snow…28 inches fell on Saturday alone. This winter has been a record for snowfall in the Lake Tahoe area, the most since 1984. Other families were visiting Yosemite, Monterey Bay, and other locations. For those who stayed local, movies, bowling, laser tag, and going to the theater were other popular choices. Oh yes, and shopping too!

Sunny Sunday

Sunday was a better day for us weather-wise. We woke to sunshine, although brief, but in the late afternoon the sun came back again. The weather on the beach was even better: at noon at Half Moon Bay the sun came out for nearly an hour. Our family enjoyed showing Emmanuel the “killer waves” and eating at a local Chowder House. Later in the day back in Palo Alto we hopped on our bikes for a tour around town, touring the gardens of the Proctor and Gamble founder, Elizabeth Gamble (now a city park), drove by the homes of notable locals such as Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, and Steve Young, football player, before returning home for some college basketball watching and dinner.

Plans for Tomorrow: Attending School

Monday is the first shadowing day where the students attend high school with our students. The teachers will also be joining the students. The group is nearly evenly split between Palo Alto’s two High Schools, Gunn High and Palo Alto Senior High, located just a few miles apart. Both high schools are known for great academic programs and high college acceptance rates. The teachers will also attend class at both schools. Friday is the final shadowing day for the students.

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