Salamanca Tuesday Day 10

Today we enjoyed a cooking class learning how to make la Tortilla Española! Sarah and Raquel volunteered to prepare the potatoes and the rest of us volunteered to consume the final product! Here we also picked up our final magnets, which we made in art class last week.

After cooking class we were all together for dinner before heading out to a Flamenco/Sevillana class. Here the group was very energetic and had no fear in showing us their moves! Patricia and I were very impressed.

The students were saying today how they were hoping to get in some exercise and that is exactly what they got with this Flamenco class!

Hasta mañana,

Sarah y Patricia

Cooking Class 1 cookingclass CookingClass1 MagnetFinals

Flamenco1 Flamenco2 Flamenco4

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