Salamanca Thursday Day 5


Today we headed out to the bullfighting ring to receive an interactive bullfighting lesson from a local bullfighter. He gave us some more insight into the science, art, history, and culture of bullfighting in Spain! After a few demonstrations of the bullfighting process he allowed us to take a stab. Take a look!

SalamancaBullFightingDoor     SalamancaBullFightGroupCenter    SalamancaBullFightSarahIsabel      SalamancaBullFightAyarsRaquel      SalamancaBullFightGroupwithBull    SalamancaBullFightRaquelTakingAction

During the evening we had some free time in which some students played cards and others went to try out a local Greek restaurants that many students are raving about!

Tomorrow we are looking forward to an art workshop and some more exploring of this enchanting city!

Buenas Noches, Sarah y Patricia

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