Salamanca Friday Day 6

Hoy es Viernes!! 🙂

We made it through our first week of Spanish classes and you can already see their language confidence and abilities improving! We are two very happy chaperones! In this first week the students have also managed to find their favorite restaurants, markets, and ice cream shops! They’ve also made friends with students from Holland and Ireland. The students are feeling very comfortable and we are looking forward to the two new students joining us Monday!

Today our afternoon activity consisted of an art class to make clay magnets and figurines! We have quite and artistic and creative group!

Tomorrow we will have an early start 7:30 to head out to Segovia!

Hasta mañana!

Mama Pata y Patricia!

SalamancaGroupClaywithTeacher SalamancaGroupClay3 SalamancaGroupClay2 SalamancaGroupClay

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