Salamanca Day 8

Sunday evening at the movie theatre

Sunday evening at the movie theatre


Today was a relaxing Sunday with the students’ favorite activity of the week, sleeping in.  As students started waking up, most relaxed around the dorms until our 2pm set lunch. Because of the rain we cancelled the pool and decided to have an optional movie evening. Half of the group decided to watch a Spanish movie at the local theater, while others stayed back to watch tennis and rest.

Later in the evening it was time for Language Partners and tapas. The students went to three different tapa locations with their Partners to practice Spanish and experience the local cuisine.

Tomorrow back to Spanish classes!


  1. Margaret Goldsmith says:

    I love seeing the blog and pictures everyday. It all looks amazing and makes me want to travel to Spain as soon as I can! So glad everyone got to sleep in and chill on Sunday.

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