Salamanca Day 10

Today we visited the Casa Lis, an Art Deco museum, with a special exhibit on Gaudí. The stained glass ceilings and walls alone were a site to see. Here we enjoyed some Chocolate con Churros in the charming cafe.

After our museum tour some students did some yoga in the residence trying to work out their soreness from horseback riding.

Later in the evening it was time for Flamenco! We had a blast learning various flamenco techniques, such as palmas (clapping), stomping with a leg swirl, expressive hand and wrist movements, and dramatic spins. We have quite the dancing team this summer!



View of the Tomes river form Casa Lis


Chocolate con churros in Casa Lis


Strike a pose!


Flamenco fun


Kendal & Paige perfecting their Flamenco moves


Click link below for a short video of some of the students learning flamenco


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