Our Weekend Travel to Sevilla

All aboard the bus to see more of Southern Spain!

After classes on Friday and lunch with the host families the students hopped on our bus to Sevilla. It was a 2.5 hour trip that was broken up with a rest stop for the students to buy ice cream, of course. To pass the time they sang, read, watched videos on their ipods, and laughed. Upon getting off the bus in Sevilla we were greeted with a hot breeze. The temperature in Sevilla was between 38-42 in the daytime which roughly translates to 95-105 or just plain HOT!

First impressions of Sevilla

We got to the hotel with just enough time to take a dip in the pool before we headed to dinner. On the way to dinner we walked through the cobblestone streets of Sevilla and passed the horse drawn carriages in front of the cathedral, which looks amazing lit up at night. For dinner we ate at a quaint little restaurant in their inner courtyard which was equipped with water misters overhead which would cool us down. For dinner we had delicious salad and Paella! For desert we all tried something new called Cream Catalan from the Catalan region. It was a hit!

After dinner we went for a walk along the river. Then off to bed as Saturday is going to be a big day! The kids wanted to sleep in, but we have a big day on Saturday. Maura said “can’t we sleep, like, forever!” HAHA!

Touring the amazing Alcazar in Sevilla

After an amazing buffet breakfast, we walked to the center of the city to take a tour of the Alcazar. It’s a beautiful old palace with many gardens with Arab influence. The students loved walking around the gardens, looking at the fish in the fountains, taking photos under the archways and seeing the gigantic tapestries on the wall. Rebecca told me that this is where Christopher Columbus came to pray with his men before they set out on their voyage.

We then headed into the neighboring Cathedral that we had passed the night before. We headed straight up the tower, climbing 30 plus ramps to get to the bell tower. We took in the amazing views from up top. Back down inside the enormous cathedral we saw Christopher Columbus’ tomb. The cathedral also houses many gold and silver and artifacts that Matt and I were trying to figure out what they were used for. There was also a large wooden alligator that is hanging above the door of the cathedral that could have been used to ward off intruders. 

The heat was really settling in and at lunch and we were all feeling it. Another funny Maura quote, “I’m sweating like a mountain.” I’ve starting making a list of these gems from Maura.

Visit to the plaza de Torros

After lunch, we headed to the plaza de torros where they have the bullfights. The fights are normally held around April but we did get a tour of the ring and the museum. The visit was interesting and the kids had varying opinions of bullfighting.

Highlights from Sevilla

Zachary – Tomb of Christopher Columbus.
Alisha & Maura – Plaza de Torros and museum.
Sam – Breakfast buffet at the hotel, ha ha!
Matt – Fountains and gardens at the alcazar.
Rebecca – Alcazar for sure.

Karaoke fun back in Nerja

On the way back to the hotel, we walked through the hot streets finding as much shade as we could.  At the hotel we were able to take another swim in the pool before heading back to Nerja. After showering up and eating with host families we headed out on Saturday night for a fun surprise, Karaoke. Everyone got up and sang! Others danced while the students sang, which was fun. Then the kids had the chance to go out in the Plaza Tutti Fruti and dance with other tourists and locals alike. Fun was had by all!

Parque Aquatico

Sunday was a free day to sleep in and have an early lunch before heading to the water park. What a great way to spend the afternoon. There were probably about 8 different slides to choose from with several having multiple routes so you could race each other, which of course we did! There was one slide that was very wide and had 4 lanes. With the steep first drop this one was notorious for turning you backwards. I raced down with Alisha, Rebecca, and Zachary. I have no idea who won because by the time I hit the water I went in sideways. There were also 2 pools and a wave pool. We ran around and went on all of the slides.

Enjoying a Flamenco show

In the afternoon we saw a flamenco show under a gazebo. The performers’ ages ranged from about 4 to 64 and were fun to watch with the different choreography, ability levels and many costume changes. After dealing with the heat of Sevilla, this was a perfect ending to a great weekend. After free time in the evening the kids were tired and ready for bed when I saw them at curfew.

– Marya Kahan, US Leader

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