Weekend Trip to Monaco and St. Tropez

Sarah Behm - Salamanca chaperone

We parasailed on the French Riviera!

After a fun and busy weekend, the group was looking forward to a relaxing time at the beach today…until they heard that parasailing was an option! Everyone participated and had an amazing time sailing over the sea and seeing Nice from above.

Visiting the Perfumerie Fragonard

On Saturday, we enjoyed the glamorous beach town of St. Tropez, and tried to guess which enormous yacht belonged to which celebrity! Sunday’s highlight was a tour of the famous Fragonard perfume factory in Grasse. We learned how these exclusive French perfumes and creams are made out of all-natural ingredients, and the girls especially had a great time shopping in the gift store!

A Special Tour of Monaco

Our Sunday visit to the ritzy town of Monaco was also especially unique. We ended our day on a high note with a special insiders-only bus tour of the Monte Carlo Formula One track, including the Grand Prix tunnel. We saw the markers where the racecars take off, as well as the famous red-and-white barrier markings.

Enjoying La Vie Française

Tomorrow will be another busy day, with a cooking class from a French masterchef followed by another language partner session. Time is flying — and we are appreciating and enjoying la vie française!

A demain,

Erin Simmeth, US Chaperone, Nice Program 2013

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