Nerja July 8th

Hola a Todos!

Today we had a day full of Spanish culture. In the afternoon we had a cooking class at the residence of the language school and prepared a fideuá, a typical Spanish dish similar to paella but made with small pasta noodles instead of rice. The students cut all the veggies and fish (squid and monkfish), made a colorful fruit salad, and mixed a virgin Sangria made with tropical juice, sparkling water, grenadine and fresh fruit. The food was delicious and all the students were given the recipe so they can prepare one they get back to the States ;).

At night we had a very lively Salsa dance class with one our language partners, Pedro. He taught us the basic steps of salsa and everyone caught on quickly. After learning the basics, the students had a great time spinning around the dance floor and trying out their new moves.

Hasta luego,

The fruits of labor

The fruits of labor

Preparation in full effect

Prep in full effect

Aprons on & ready to cook!

Aprons on & ready to cook

Adding the pasta

Adding the pasta

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