Madrid Day 3

With 95 degree weather we had a 110% day! We started with a tour of the Royal Palace learning about the importance of the many King and Queens that have contributed to the history of the palace! We also took some fun photos with such a stunning backdrop!

After a break for shopping and lunch, we took a metro ride to the one and only Bernabeu! Here we had a grand tour of this magnificent stadium! Ayars couldn’t be happier to find the small basketball section and we all enjoyed the interactivity of the tour!

From here we hopped on a couple more metro lines to get to the Retiro park. At the Retiro the girls opted to try the row boats where some got into a splash war and others let Raquele show off her rowing skills!

We jumped on the metro one last time to enjoy a well-deserved Italian dinner to fulfill our stomaches and the end of the day!

We are all excited to jump on a bus tomorrow to Salamanca! Let the re-packing begin!

IMG_4874 IMG_4872


IMG_4884 IMG_4887 IMG_4893 IMG_4910 IMG_4916 IMG_4918 IMG_4923


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