Last days in Aix and on to host families!

This will be a quick update, and sadly without pictures since my camera is not cooperating right now! On Friday, students finished up their classes with great praise from their teachers. Next, we attended a fencing lesson!  It was a fun and memorable way to wrap up our stay in Aix. We then shared a wonderful farewell dinner, our last as a full group, and then packed up for the next part of our trip!

Saturday morning we said goodbye to David and to our French chaperone Jeremy (for now, he will rejoin us for Paris) and took a bus to Hyeres, where we met with our host families and dispersed for the week. The town of Hyeres is a wonderful spot to spend a week of total immersion, with plenty of beaches, a medieval town center, and plenty of cultural activities. I will be checking in with everyone soon and will update with pictures as soon as possible! In the meantime, the students will be in total French immersion. What an experience!

A bientot!

– Erin Simmeth, U.S. chaperone, Aix-en-Provence

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