June 29th

What incredible sights we saw today! After morning classes, the girls and I were approached by the director of the program. He said that because our group was so small, we were invited to join the Spanish and Italian group on a private tour of the ancient town, Eze. The thirty minute drive to the town was beautiful! We looked out the window and saw many small villages and beautiful beaches. Once arriving in the town of Eze, we climbed to the top of a hill where we explored a mid-evil castle! After an hour plus of climbing and goggling at the view, we came back down and took a guided tour of a famous parfumerie, the very same parfumerie was Chanel number 5 was first created! Some perfume was purchased (and some ice cream, too!) before we headed back to the residence for dinner and an evening walk. IMG_1083 IMG_1079 IMG_1077 IMG_1064

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