Je Suis Paris

Since 1998 thousands of our young travelers have been warmly welcomed into French families. After this devastating tragedy, our hearts go out to those host families, host family coordinators, program coordinators, language schools and all people impacted by these events. We feel especially for our host families that eagerly volunteer to welcome our high school study abroad students into their homes.  They are solely motivated to host our teen travelers to establish a comfortable and lasting intercultural connection. As we look forward to our upcoming summer programs in France and Spain, we stand in strength and solidarity with our immersion partners. Similar to Rick Steves’ article in response to the attacks, we choose to not be terrorized by these events.  In fact, we feel even more motivated to foster positive immersion experiences for both our high school study abroad students and our European host families.

Hence we have launched a holiday sale on all of our high school study abroad programs in France and Spain. This couldn’t be a better holiday gift for your loved ones and a way to stand with our fantastic French host families. Nous sommes Paris.


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