Individual French Immersion – day 1

Bonjour à tous! My name is Wiley. I arrived yesterday in France where I will be staying for the next two weeks. I was met at the airport by Vivien, an ECI corespondent, and I stayed the night at her lovely house in Hyères as my host family was returning from vacation in Portugal. Today Vivien and her husband Robert showed me around Hyères and took me to visit a family living there that had hosted another American through ECI last summer. They were very friendly and let me stay at their house for several hours. Then, in the evening my host family came to pick me up and brought me to their home in Garéoult, where I am currently writing this post. So far everyone has been very friendly and eager to talk to me and help me with my french. I think that the next two week are going to be wonderful! The picture above is of me and Vivien at the Château d’Hyères, with Hyères in the background.

Wiley IMG_2243

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