Immersion in Hyères

Getting to know Hyères through Total Immersion

The students were greeted by enthusiastic families on Saturday morning when we arrived in Hyères. The teenagers from the French families were especially excited to welcome their new American friends. I’ve spoken with each of the host families and with each of the students, and everyone is having an amazing time. The host families are impressed with our students’ French and the students are loving the food and activities they’re taking part in.

Activities in Hyères have ranged from watching the fireworks for Bastille Day, visiting neighboring towns (Cassis, Nice, and Toulon), visiting local landmarks, going to the movies with host siblings and their friends, and attending family parties. Students have also spent afternoons with their families and friends on the beach and enjoying boat rides. I can’t wait to hear more about the students’ experiences when we leaves Hyeres for Paris next Sunday!

– Marion Phillips, US Leader

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