Gracias San Sebastian & Hola Madrid!

Our immersion week in San Sebastian has been fantastic! I’ve had the chance to speak to all of the students this week and all have been in agreement about how much fun they have had getting to know their families. Our favorite princesa, Hailey, even celebrated her 17th birthday here in San Sebastian! There have been beach visits, get-togethers, horseback riding, shopping expeditions, big family gatherings, outings with friends, trips to the movies, and most of all a true immersion into family life and culture… and lots and lots of Spanish practice!
Goodbyes to families tomorrow will be bittersweet as the group once again reunites to board the bus for Madrid! Once in Madrid we will check-in to our hotel and then visit the Royal Palace (the White House for the Royal Family of Spain). Students will then have free time for last minute purchases before gathering for our farewell dinner. Monday we say goodbye to Lauren and Sofia who stay in Madrid for a couple more days and the rest of the group head to the airport to take off for home! 
As I sign off, let me say how much I have enjoyed getting to know this amazing group of students. Rarely have I traveled with such mature, independent and outgoing teens! 
Goodbye from Spain!
– Jennifer Brown, U.S. Chaperone, Salamanca 3

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