Goodbye Salamanca, Hello Santander

Ready for True Immersion Week!

Our time has come and it is time now to leave one adventure for the next. Salamanca was lovely and it was filled with many great memories however, we must move on. Thus, we are off to a new adventure in Santander. The students will have a true immersion experience this week and will have the wonderful opportunity to live with a local Santander family. When we dropped them off with their families there was a lot of nervous excitement. Nevertheless, a sense of peace was brought to many of the students when they saw their hosts’ smiling faces awaiting their arrival.

We wish the students the best this week as they are able to truly experience Spanish life, food, friends, family and of course improve their Spanish speaking skills. To ensure that things are going well over the duration of their stay, Caitlin and I will be calling each student to check in with them. For the rest of this week I will not be making posts to the blog because it would be impossible to write about the various experiences of 20 students. However, I will continue to keep everyone updated on our journeys once the group reunites and heads for south of Spain this Saturday.


– Kelli, U.S. chaperone, Salamanca 2

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