Gift ideas for your host family!

IMG_5637 Bringing your host family a present is a much appreciated gesture when traveling to your new study abroad home. It is especially thoughtful to bring a little something for each family member. The important thing is not the cost of the gift, but the thought behind it! Plus, these are great conversation starters to break the ice upon arrival. Here is what we suggest:

  • Souvenirs: We typically find the best gifts are small souvenirs of your home, such as candy, chocolates, t-shirts, baseball/sports cap, coasters, a book with photographs of your region/state/city, etc. Something that the family can remember you by.
  • Small and Light: You are probably trying to pack light, so often the smaller the item, the better for travel purposes. Especially if you have to take a train or bus to your final host family destination.
  • Not too Fragile: Be careful that the item isn’t too fragile if you are planning to pack your host family gifts inside your checked luggage. Most bags are not handled with care.
  • Customs Friendly: Also, make sure that the item can cross through customs. Chocolates and other candies are okay for entering most countries, but leave your speciality bacon behind 😉 Any meat or milk products cannot enter the European Union.

And, in case you’ve run out of time and have already arrived, you can always plan on a parting gift, such as a framed picture of you with the family.

Happy travels!



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