Getting to know San Francisco

Photos from the students time abroad in California

On Monday we went on a guided bus tour of San Francisco, where we went to the beach and the Golden Gate Bridge. On Tuesday we played Baseball and some of us turned out to be really good at it. In the afternoon and evening we went to Santa Cruz. On Wednesday we went to the Oakland A’s Baseball Game.

The students visited a professional dance studio in SF to learn a hiphop/jazz dance routine. Byron was a great instructor, and the kids did well! Everyone gave it a try and had a full routine by the end of the hour and a half lesson.

We also had free time in Union Square for shopping and photos. A few students walked on to the ferry plaza building to visit the farmer’s market and grab lunch.

Learning about Native American history

Native American history, as taught by Dino, became a very interactive lesson for our group. First we learned about how they hunted deer (as demonstrated by Arsene), then we twisted hemp to simulate how they created string to use in rope and decorative jewelry. Then we made beads from sanding the shells and boring a hole in pinon nuts. Finally we tried to start a fire with a stick and a board with slots/holes cut in it. Two teams were successful in making smoke and starting fires, but I think all had a fun time learning and trying new things.

Hiking up to Coit tower

We enjoyed the views from Coit tower today, and the beautiful gardens and mansions on the Filbert steps on our way down. Ferdinand and I enjoyed a rest after the hike up to Coit tower. Christopher Columbus is the figure of the statue behind us. Unfortunately, no view of the Golden Gate today as the famous San Francisco fog was in residence.

Here is a photo showing Diego Rivera had a sense of humor…of all the frescos he painted on the interior walls of Coit tower, his painting of the SF Chronicle announcing the completion of his paintings in April 1934.

– Beth Burdick, Local Leader

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