Fun abroad in San Francisco and L.A.

Visiting the Golden Gate Bridge and touring San Francisco

We had a great time doing a San Francisco tour. The highlight was walking across the Golden Gate Bridge. I hope you enjoy the photos of students!

Great America, baseball lesson, and Native American workshop

Students went to one of our best amusement parks, Great America. Shown are some of our girls lounging after going on a water ride.

We will be going to a professional baseball game but before, we had host families help us teach the students how to play the game. America has a rich history and diverse people. We had the opportunity to attend a Native American Craft workshop and learn about native culture.

Exploring LA and Universal Studios

Los Angeles was the trip the students were looking forward to the most. It was a 3 day, super fun trip filled wit excursions to Universal Studios, Hollywood, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, Venice Beach, Sana Monica and Disneyland. Everyone had an amazing time!

– Sarah Pederson, Local Leader, STEP 2 2012

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