French Fashion and a Theater Workshop

Sarah Behm - Salamanca chaperone

We enjoyed our last language partner evening!

On Tuesday night, the group went out on the town with their language partners for some “socca” (a local, Southern French snack) and French conversation.

They had so much fun hanging out and talking in French that they were a bit sad to say goodbye to their language partners — time is flying here!

Exploring Local Boutiques

Yesterday, while the boys took their university credit exam, the girls enjoyed the free afternoon to hit the boutiques! And it’s perfect timing: We just so happen to be here for “soldes”, the country-wide, biannual sales period, in which basically everything in France is on sale. The girls shopped till they dropped!

Performing French Fables

We topped off the evening with a private theater workshop in which we played various warmup and improv games. We ended with a brief performance of classic fables by the famed, French poet, La Fontaine. (And once again, this was all done in French. Bravo!)

Today, we spent the afternoon in Antibes, visiting the city’s historic ramparts as well as the Picasso museum. We are getting quite artistic here! Tomorrow is our last full day in Nice, and we’ll say goodbye to this lovely city at a farewell dinner in town.


-Erin Simmeth, US Chaperone, Nice Program 2013

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