Winners of our FREE trip to Europe contest!

The final vote counts are in and we are proud to announce our winners! To see the winning videos, click here.

RyaCrop 1st place goes to Rya from British Columbia, Canada! Rya shared in her video that she can’t wait to immerse herself in the culture of Spain. She also looks forward to learning more about herself as a tourist, person, and as part of a family in Spain! 
alliCrop 2nd place goes to Ali from San Diego, California! Ali shared in her video that she is part French and looks forward to understanding more of her families culture. She also wants to try new things, like French food! 
EmCrop 3rd place goes to Em from New Brunswick, Canada! Em said that she wants to run with the bulls and become a polyglot! She is passionate about Spanish history and language! Em está lista! 

Congrats to all participants! These nine brave high school students had the iniative to share their travel abroad motivations with the entire world through their videos. This can only be done by a dreamer and a doer.

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