Flamenco Shows, Granada, and the Caves of Nerja

Sarah Behm - Salamanca chaperone

We Explored Beautiful Spanish towns

This afternoon, we had an excursion to the nearby pueblo of Frigiliana.

Sampling Local Specialities

Frigiliana is set high in the mountains above Nerja, with beautiful white-washed houses, weaving streets, and spectacular views of the Mediterranean. One of the highlights of our trip was finding a little store that featured local products from the area. We got to sample locally made “miel de caña” (molasseses),delicious “embutidos”- morcilla (blood sausage), aceitunas (olives) from nearby Antequera, and, of course, jamón.

A Daytrip to Granada

This past weekend was also eventful! On Saturday, we visited one of Spain’s most beautiful cities: Granada. We explored the last Arab stronghold in Spain, and the country’s most-visited monument, La Alhambra. The students were fascinated as we roamed through the various rooms of the palace. We admired the Arab “azulejos” (tiles), scriptures carved into the walls, fountains placed throughout, and the general beauty and grandeur of this 9th-century structure.

After La Alhambra, we headed to one of Granada’s most famous streets, Calderería, filled with trinkets and leather goods from North Africa, and delicious-smelling tea shops.

Beautiful Flamenco

Back in Nerja, our day didn’t end after visiting Granada. That evening, we were treated to an hour-long flamenco show! We saw and heard everything from a traditional fandango,to the very classical pasodoble. Everyone enjoyed the music and dancing, and even ventured out onto the dance floor to try!

Exploring the Caves

On Sunday, we ventured to the famous Caves of Nerja, located high in the mountains above the town. The humidity inside causes the rock formations to constantly change, and we saw some very interesting formations, including the world’s largest stalactite column at 31 meters high!

This evening, everybody is excited for another session with their language partners. It’s our last week in Nerja, and we’re looking forward to exploring more!

-Dave Whiteside, US Chaperone, Southern Spain Program 2013

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