Farewell to our Austrian students

Visiting UC Berkeley and saying goodbye to San Francisco

It seemed to go by so quickly. It was great having the Austrians here for those short 2 weeks. The last couple of days with them were great. We had the farewell performance on Sunday and the day in Berkeley on Monday before they returned to the airport.

The students had fun at the farewell party. I know many of them were nervous to be on stage and speaking in English the entire time, but they did great. I hope all of the host families enjoyed the show. I hope every ones’ sweet tooth was satisfied that night!

Visiting the UC Berkeley campus

For the last day, we loaded all of their luggage onto the truck and took off on the long haul over to Berkeley. We had a quick tour around the campus where we learned about the freedom of speech rallies at University of California – Berkeley, saw some actual dinosaur bones, and checked out views of San Francisco from the hill. I don’t think the students were as impressed with the Berkeley campus as they were with Stanford, but enjoyed the day. They then explored and did some last minute shopping in Berkeley.

I asked several of them what their favorite part of the trip was and here’s what they said: their host families, walking across the Golden Gate Bridge, learning and playing Baseball, hot dogs and hamburgers, shopping, Fisherman’s Wharf, their tour leader and one student said everything! They were excited to get home, but sad to leave. I hope everyone keeps in touch. I know I had fun!

Along with the group photos are a few pictures from the Roberts’ host family and their student Ina. They had a great time hosting, and took her on a special trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Auf Wiedersehen,
– Marya

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