Farewell to Klasse 7A

We had a memorable time with our Austrian friends

So much to see!

We have seen so much during the weeks they were here. Last Wednesday we were lucky enough to get a tour of San Francisco City Hall. We had a terrific tour leader, who was incredibly knowledgeable about the building and it’s history. I was amazed to learn that the city hall has been retro fitted so that the ground underneath it can move up to 27 inches in an earthquake, without moving the pillars supporting the building.

De Young Museum and Golden Gate Park

We then fit this group of 65 onto a pair of city buses, and made our way out to Golden Gate Park. The students had an audio tour of the museum, and then they had free time to eat lunch and visit the tower on the new building, which has a gorgeous view of the entire city. Here is a view of the park below us, with the Academy of Science building on the other side of the oval. The green roof captures rainwater and helps insulate the building.

After the De Young, we split into two groups. One group went back into the city to explore downtown, and the other went down to the peninsula to explore the suburbs a bit.

Computer History Museum

On Thursday we spent the morning putting together their presentations for the evening farewell party. They did a great job practicing, and entertained their host parents with waltzing, and Austrian jokes and games on Thursday night. During the afternoon, between practice and the party, we visited the computer history museum in Mountain View. It was very interesting, I was pleased to see what a great job they did explaining the history of computing. Definitely worth the visit. It was too rainy for me to take a picture, but the attached photo shows what the building looks like. You can learn more online at: Computer History Museum

On Friday the students spent the day at the high schools, Gunn students had an international lunch that they all got to enjoy. Some of the students also had a visit to Google, and then it was time to relax with their host families for the weekend.

Our students have flown back to Austria, with many happy memories of California. It sounds like they had a great last weekend. Some students went to a movie together, some went to Monterey and saw the beach and aquarium, and some went to La Cirque de Soleil. On Monday, even though we were leaving that day, we still had time to squeeze in a tour of Berkeley. The students got to see the Baseball stadium, the hall of sciences (including a dinosaur skeleton,) and the famous campanile. I could not resist posting pictures, because they actually had some California Sunshine on the last day!

I hope that this is just the first taste of California for all of you, and that you come back soon!

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