Eyes Wide Open

You hardly notice your surroundings when you’re 16. Your friends. The social stuff. That’s what matters. This is how you define yourself. Seeing the world only through your eyes.

But travel gives you new ways of seeing. Clear. Fresh. In a way not possible at home.

It can happen unexpectedly. A stone façade in the golden light of late afternoon. A wooden railing worn soft and smooth by countless human hands. The bright colors and varied textures of an open air market. The recognition that many lead fulfilling lives with few possessions.

The threshold to adulthood is empathy. Seeing yourself in others. The growing awareness that it is not all about you. That you are not at the center of the universe. That we are all part of an interconnected web and that what you do matters and affects others. That your way is not the only way and maybe not even the best way.

You can learn this in your own backyard. Many do. But travel increases the opportunity for this awareness. And what you then do with this awareness is up to you.

“Go into Spain with an open mind. Let the culture influence you in its natural ways. This experience was one of the best of my life and truly benefited my development as an individual.” – Ali A, Student, Salamanca

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