Diving into American Culture

Touring San Francisco and enjoying California

STEP 3 students started off their week with a bus tour of San Francisco, which included stops at the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park, Haight/Ashbury, Alamo Park, and Golden Gate Bridge, but they were most excited when we pulled up at Ocean Beach. Despite the fact that it was a chilly, overcast day and that you rarely find anyone swimming in San Francisco beaches, all of the students were willing to put their feet into the waves. Two brave young men, Paul and Ignacio, decided to dive right in… in their underwear!

The following day, we got some sun at the beach in Santa Cruz and spent the evening riding the roller coasters overlooking the beautiful beach.

Fun exploring Fisherman’s Wharf

The students went on a wonderful tour of the TCHO chocolate factory that included tastings of their delicious treats. We also had some good laughs as we all had to walk around the factory in hairnets (take a look at Ander and Josu below!). After our tour, we headed out to the Musee Mechanique to explore the historical and functional arcade machines. The girls enjoyed learning what their future had in store for them according to the old Fortune Teller machines. We walked through Fisherman’s wharf and saw giant alligator-shaped bread being made a Boudin, bought souvenirs, and saw many interesting street performers.

– Ashley Falke, Local Leader, STEP 3 2012

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