What do parents expect of a high school study abroad program?

The top 3 expectations we have learned from our participants

At the end of every season we gather feedback from our parents. This year we asked for their main expectations of the program and, most importantly, did ECI deliver?

The survey showed parents expected their child to:

  1. Be immersed in a different culture
  2. Improve their language level
  3. Develop independence

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5 reasons why living with a volunteer host family is the best way to improve your French or Spanish

  1. A complete language immersion experience – no English
  2. A complete cultural immersion experience – no organized group activities
  3. A bond that will last beyond your time in France or Spain
  4. An opportunity to experience teenage life in France & Spain
  5. Volunteer families who host for all the right reasons

1. Complete language Immersion

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New for 2015

Our informative Study Abroad videos

We are very excited about this coming season, but we are especially excited at the prospect of being able to offer you an insight into our programs before you sign up, giving you a clear picture of what happens during a summer Study Abroad program.

A picture paints a thousand words –
but a video goes one better…

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Let Your Mouth Be Your Tour Guide!

Foods to try while studying abroad in France or Spain

For most of the world, food is tantamount to culture. What people eat is unique to where the live, their history, their lives. As Americans, we hear stories of the bizarre and strange food that people in other countries eat – bugs and spiders in parts of Asia or haggis in Scotland. Experiencing the different foods that people eat can help you gain a new perspective on their culture and their lives. The foods listed in this blog are but a few of the many, many interesting foods you might encounter on your journey abroad. I encourage you to give them a try and decide for yourself.
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How Study Abroad Will Help You Get Into Harvard

Living with a host family in a different country during a summer study abroad program has many benefits to your higher education

Study abroad strengthens your college application

In the ultra competitive realm of applying and getting accepted into a top tier university, your application needs to make you stand out among the other hundreds, if not thousands, of applicants. Spending 3-4 weeks studying abroad in France or Spain as a high school student will give you many unique experiences you can write about in your college application essays. It might be the factor that helps you get accepted into your first choice school.
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