Catalonia Independence – arguments for and against

For all of us that love Spain and Catalonia, it is important to understand the different historical and financial facts that have led up to the possibility of Catalonia’s independence. After digging around the internet, we found an excellent fact sheet designed by to clearly demonstrate the arguments of both sides.

Click here for a link to the image and videos discussing the topic.


Top Single tracks in France and Spain last week

For those of you that love music and love to travel, we did some searching to find the latest top singles in France and Spain. As of last week here is what we found on

Top 100 songs in France:

(Here is the video to our favorite, number 3, Sapés Comme Jamais by Maitre Gims and Niska)

Top 50 songs in Spain:

(Here is the video to our favorite, number 3, Tu Enemigo by Pablo López and Juanes)

Enjoy your weekend!