How many languages would you like to speak!?

Meet Alex, a polyglot! He can speak several languages and explains why in this video. At ECI we focus on Spanish and French through our high school study abroad programs, yet we still dream of speaking multiple languages.

Click here for his video explaining how languages broaden your perspective on life!


Madrid’s hipster church – San Antonio

If you’ve ever traveled to Spain, you will notice that there is no shortage of Catholic churches to visit. However, have you heard of Madrid’s “hipster” church –  San Antonio?

Read more about this church that will christen animals and even cars!

CafeBabel Article>

Prépas: Prestigious High School System in France

The university preparation process in US and UK high schools can be quite competitive and rigorous. However, the French “Preparatory Classes for the Grandes écoles”, also referred to as prépas, is a uniquely selective system.

Click here to read more about what some call the “royal path” in France.

Meet My Hood: A closer look at districts in France and Spain

We love the ‘Meet My Hood’ series that CafeBabel has put together with interviews and videos of specific districts in various parts of the world. Of course, we especially appreciate the Paris and Madrid specific ‘hoods’. You can see that we have links to both of these articles in our Tempo Teen en Français and Tempo Teen en Español blog categories. Another great feature of CafeBabel is that almost all articles are translated into several different languages!

Click here for the Paris hood (Canal de l’Ourcq)

Click here for the Madrid hood (Salamanca)


Two $1000 Study Abroad Scholarships!!

Love Photos? Traveling? Saving money?

PhotoScholarshipTwinPhoto TWO scholarships of $1000 each for ECI 2016 summer immersion programs will be awarded this year.

Use your scholarship towards one of our group or individual host family and dorm programs in France or Spain, in locations including Nice, the French Alps, Andalusia or Salamanca. Check out more details about our trips here.

If you are selected to receive a scholarship, you will be asked to write a daily photo blog during your trip, recording the highlights of your experience and circulating your posts on social media. We will announce the winners no later than April 30, 2016.

Scholarship Application Steps:

  1. Complete: ECI Scholarship Application Form 2016
  2. Ask a teacher to complete: ECI Teacher Recommendation Form
  3. Write a blog post to appear in the Why Study Abroad category
  4. Email your blog entry to:

For more detailed scholarship information click here.