Salamanca Friday Day 13

We did it! Today was the last day of our classes and all students received their certificates of completion! Afterwards we had a quick session about host family tips and tricks to prepare our group for our next adventure in San Sebastián! 

After a very relaxed afternoon we had our last dinner in the dorms and language partner session! Our wonderful native speakers shared with us that they noticed improvements with all of the students! 

Tomorrow will be our last day in Salamanca and we are all looking forward to sleeping in! 

Hasta pronto, 

Sarah y Patricia


Salamanca Thursday Day 12

We started out our afternoon by determining the scavenger hunt winners! There were some difficult questions that were answered by all and some fun photos to top it off! But Rachel, Kylie, and Brigid had the most points and received the winning keychain prize!

After lunch we met up to go paddle boating on the Tormes River. The view of the cathedral and bridges is spectacular! We also got a chance to improve our tans.

Later we taught some of the group how to play a typical Spanish card game called Escoba! We are preparing them as much as possible for their host family experience coming up on Sunday!


Sarah y Patricia

BridgeTormes CatedralTormes PaddleBoatAyars PaddleBoatBooksTormes PaddleBoatBridgeTormes PaddleBoatTormes

Salamanca Wednesday Day 11

Today we had a relaxed afternoon in which many of us took a quick siesta during the intense heat wave! Later we had an optional visit to the Casa Lis (a museum) and some students went to see a movie in Spanish. A few students are also getting creative and starting to make some fun travel journals! Later in the evening we had our scavenger hunt with three different teams racing to win the prize! Tomorrow at our afternoon meeting we will announce the winners!

Brigid's First Chocolate con Churros CasaLis NiceNapkins ScanvengerHuntTeam ScavengerHuntWhiteTeam WalkHome


Salamanca Tuesday Day 10

Today we enjoyed a cooking class learning how to make la Tortilla Española! Sarah and Raquel volunteered to prepare the potatoes and the rest of us volunteered to consume the final product! Here we also picked up our final magnets, which we made in art class last week.

After cooking class we were all together for dinner before heading out to a Flamenco/Sevillana class. Here the group was very energetic and had no fear in showing us their moves! Patricia and I were very impressed.

The students were saying today how they were hoping to get in some exercise and that is exactly what they got with this Flamenco class!

Hasta mañana,

Sarah y Patricia

Cooking Class 1 cookingclass CookingClass1 MagnetFinals

Flamenco1 Flamenco2 Flamenco4

Salamanca Monday Day 9


Today we had two more students join us from California!! Our clan is growing.

And, they were brave enough to jump right into a horseback riding adventure. Despite the heat and some unique horse personalities, we had some fun moments and many laughs once we got back to our dorms!

After dinner the group took our new students, Sofia and Brigid, on a short tour of Salamanca to show them their favorite ice cream, yogurt, and people watching hangouts in and around the plaza!

Tonight was an early night for all of us after our long horseback ride and for some, a flight across continents!

Buenas noches.

Sarah y Patricia

Ayars2 AyarsHorse Calfs GroupwithHorse Helmets Isabel1 JaynaHorse pony Raquele1 RaquelepettingHorse RaqueleSofiaHorses Sarah1 SarahGroup SarahIsabelHorse SarahSarah Sofia1 TrailHorses trainhorses