July 2nd

Wow, what a full Saturday the girls and I had in Monaco! At about 9:30am this morning, our group plus the Italian, Mexican and Russian group departed by bus to Monaco with our tour guide, Franck. By 11am we were off to our first attraction: we watched as the Royal Palace guards changed shifts. This is a very intricate affair with shouted commands and marching. We then paused to eat our sack lunch on a panoramic look out point of Monaco. Our next stop was to the local church to see exquisite architecture as well as the grave of the famous, Grace Kelly, princess of Monaco. Afterwards, we headed over to the local aquarium where we spent almost two hours admiring all sorts of tropical fish. The girls even pet a shark!! Our day finished with a walk all throughout Monaco, ending in front of, of course, the Monte Carlo Casino. The bus brought us back to the residences about 7pm, where the girls and I ate dinner and have been enjoying a relaxing night in!  IMG_1162 IMG_1161 IMG_1160 IMG_1159 IMG_1156 IMG_1126 IMG_1118

July 1st

Today was a much needed down day! After class, the girls decided to go off campus to a sushi restaurant down the street for lunch. After lunch, we spent some time in the local laundromat chatting with the locals, and of course, washing some clothes. Post laundry entailed shopping and beach time, both of which were gratifying and well-deserved. Dinner was a plate of pasta and turkey at the dining hall, wherein a late night stroll in Vieux Nice and video games topped off a wonderfully relaxing Friday!

June 29th

What incredible sights we saw today! After morning classes, the girls and I were approached by the director of the program. He said that because our group was so small, we were invited to join the Spanish and Italian group on a private tour of the ancient town, Eze. The thirty minute drive to the town was beautiful! We looked out the window and saw many small villages and beautiful beaches. Once arriving in the town of Eze, we climbed to the top of a hill where we explored a mid-evil castle! After an hour plus of climbing and goggling at the view, we came back down and took a guided tour of a famous parfumerie, the very same parfumerie was Chanel number 5 was first created! Some perfume was purchased (and some ice cream, too!) before we headed back to the residence for dinner and an evening walk. IMG_1083 IMG_1079 IMG_1077 IMG_1064

June 28th

C’était une très bien journée aujourd’hui! The girls had their first day of classes! After lunch we joined in a tour of the old Nice castle, which provided us with stunning views of Nice. Once we had spent over an hour taking in the sights, half our group headed to a confectionary to eat some chocolate! A beautiful sunset  on the beach and a late night dorm dance brings us to the close of day 5 in this beautiful city.  IMG_1047 IMG_1044 IMG_1032 IMG_1024

June 27th

Day four in Nice is coming to an end and boy, what a day it was! School kicked off this morning with a test to asses language levels. After lunch, we had a lovely visit to the Massena museum. After learning about French history, we grabbed a coke next to the beach in Vieux Nice. Our evening festivities were full of laughter and new friendship as we sat around a picnic table and played cards as the sun went down! IMG_1021 IMG_1020 IMG_1018 IMG_1016 IMG_1013