Bull “Fighting” in Salamanca

Salamanca 2 group learns about a Spanish tradition

Today is the first official day of the San Fermines festivities in Pamplona, Spain. To honor this cultural activity we went to the Plaza de Torros in Salamanca to get a taste of what bull fighting is really about. We were greeted by a true matador who has killed over 500 bulls the first of which he killed at age 15. He explained the sport to us as if it was a beautiful art (which he thinks is more beautiful than baseball or football).

The students were highly engaged and asked many questions such as “have you ever been hurt by a bull?” His answer was “yes.” Natalia asked if he knew the bull fighter that had a bull horn pierced through his throat. He replied “yes, he is a good friend of mine. I have his number and we talk all the time. He is doing a lot better now.”

After a demonstration on how to fight a bull he gave the students the chance to try as well. This was just practice so the bull was a special practice bull with wheels that the matador maneuvered as if it was a bull. Henry Guerra, Illana Greenberg and Nick Lvoff all tried. The rest of the students enjoyed watching this exciting event.


– Kelli, U.S. chaperone, Salamanca 2

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